Volleyball is a sport (the world’s second most popular) in which two teams separated by a high net above it must pass the ball using any part of the body, in order to make the ball touch the opponent ground. Each team is allowed three strikes to send the ball into the ground of the other team. One point is earned if the ball touches the ground rule adversely or does not conform to the three attacks.

Volleyball’s rules

A volleyball team consists of 6 players. The winning play 3 sets of 5, each set of 25 points each, in case of a tie 24-24 set continues until one of the two teams get a difference of 2 points (29-27, 31-29 etc). If it takes playing the last set to designate the winner, it plays up to 15 (or up to a difference of 2 points).

The competition develops latent resources, highlighting skills, spontaneity, creativity and aesthetics. The rules are designed to allow the demonstration of these skills. With few exceptions, volleyball allows all players to do both at the net (in attack) and land behind (in defense or at work). If William Morgan would still live , the creator of this game could still recognize him, keeping volleyball, over time, certain characteristic. Some of them shared with other games that have net, ball or racket:
- service
- rotation (alternation in office),
- attack,
- defense.

Volleyball is still unique among games at the net in that it insists that the ball should be kept as long as the air and the possibility that passes between members of the same team before the ball to be returned to the opponents. Introducing a special player in defense, the Libero, increased the length phases of play. Changing the rule to serve turned it from a simple act of putting the ball in play, in an offensive weapon. Rotation concept was developed to allow each athlete to participate in the game. The rule allows teams position players flexibility and the possibility of developing interesting tactics, both for the team and the enthusiasm of spectators. Thus, the image of volleyball is becoming better and better. The game is evolving, no doubt will change, become better, stronger, faster.

The net measure 1 m in width and 9.50 m to 10 m in length (25 to 50 cm on each side). It consists of a square mesh of 10 cm, made of black rope.
At the top is sewn along the length of a strip of white cloth net, turned on each side for a width of 7 cm. Each end of the tape has a hole through which a string of posts for catching and keep it stretched.

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