The field of play: It can have a length between 90 m and 120 m and width between 45m and 90m . Gates are in the middle and bottom lines and they have a length of 7.52 m and a height of 2.44 m. The ball game is spherical shape, with a sheath of leather or other material, that does not constitutes a danger to the player. It will have a circumference of 68-71
cm and will weigh between 396 grams and 453 grams.

 The rules of football

Each team will have on the field a maximum of 11 players or minimum 7. The team that, for various reasons, has less than 7 players looses the match with 0-3, regardless of the situation until that score time. May not play all past players on the score sheet. Reserve players
will wait outside the pitch.

Replacement will be made only on the center court even if the rally is stopped. Reserve do not enter the field until the player who will be replaced did not left the field. The equipment of the teams must be different colored for each player and it consists of: football boots, leggings, shields, pants and shirt. The goalkeeper can have extra knee and a shirt color other than the teammates or opposing players.

Arbitration: Running a game is provided by three referees (one center and two of cough). The center referee will lead the game and will take care to respect the rules, to not commit mistakes, will signal the beginning and end game and all play stops. He punished the players not play the game.

The two referees line referee help lead the game, according to the regulation. A football match lasts two halves of 45 minutes with a break of 15 minutes between them. The ball is in play as long as there is on the field between the lines that delimit the playing surface and was not stopped by the referees.

The inclusion of a point is completely valid when the ball enters the gate, surpassing its entire circumference goal line.

Offside (out of play) is the position most commented today in the game of football. A player is considered in offside when being attack, between him and the opposing goal line opponents are not found in the moment when the ball is passed to them.

Mistakes and penalties: If you do one of the mistakes are punished by the referee (with direct free kick). If play ball in your own square by hand will be penalized by the referee to direct free kick from 11m.

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