The game is played between two players, or sometimes between two teams of two players.
Snooker table with balls in their home positions.


Snooker is played on a rectangular table, 3569 mm x 1778 mm, covered with a special cloth pool. The table is equipped with six pockets in all four corners and the middle of the two long sides.
On the table are placed at the beginning of each game, 22 balls, as shown. There are: 15 red balls, worth one point each,6 balls, balls called, as follows: the yellow ball, worth 2 points, a green ball (3 points), brown (4 points), blue (5 points), pink (6 points) and a black ball (7 points).
white ball.

Players hit, in turn, the cue ball using a stick called cue. The game is the introduction of the color red balls in their pockets, according to the rules of the game, and getting a higher score than that of the opponent. If a player executes a shot right and enter one or more balls in the pockets, he remains at the table and executes the next shot (and following, if they are successful). If the player runs a legal shot, but does not introduce any ball in the pocket, throw his next opponent. If a player commits a foul, for example white ball does not touch any other ball, first touch a ball that was not allowed to be played on the kick or enter in your pocket the cue ball or a ball not allowed, the player loses the turn table and is penalized by giving the opponent’s 4 to 7 points.

At the first blow of the game and the first blow after inning blow of the opponent, the player must play a red ball (target ball is red ball). This means that the first ball hit the cue ball should be a red ball in the pocket and allowed to reach only the red ball (it is allowed to enter more red balls in the same shot). If the shot is right and enter at least one red ball, the player must choose the next shot and play one of the six colored balls (target ball is chosen player of the colored balls). If also this is correct and hit the target ball is placed in the pocket, colored ball is put on the table by the referee, the original position and the player continues with a shot at a red ball, then a new color ball, etc.

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