The assault
A assault of fencing consists of 2 competitors, who face each other in an attempt to reach the opponent with one hand allowed the blade without being touched themselves. The only object with which a fencer is allowed to touch their opponent is the blade arms and the opponent is not allowed to defend himself than with his own gun, and more precise blade and guard its opponent by moving in front peak and of course, the counterattack. Assault is held on long board fencing and 14 meters wide by 2. This is the only area that is allowed to fight. The competitors can move anywhere along the boards and from side to side width of 2 m, leaving these limits result in immediate loss of the point.

Fencing Rules

The body position
The position is a vital part of successful defense, as the attack. Fencers must have a solid outfit that target area available to minimize the opponent, but to afford them enough freedom to move quickly and comfortably. To achieve this fencer will sit with a stride length and a half foot, front foot pointing towards opponent and sat at the back so that at the front to form an angle of 90 degrees. If the front foot should be towards north, then the back would be to the west. Then fencers will bend your knees until the knee is positioned directly above each leg fingers, and will return the body to one side, a more comfortable position. This posture allows the rapid advance but also a movement to back fast.

Arm position
Weapon arm is held in front pointing constantly threatening opponent. The arm is held back depending on the type of weapon used: (a) for the foil for hitting just the torso, front and rear, the rear arm the weapon is kept up, bent behind the head. This creates a balance that can be used to accelerate the attack and for recovery from lunge (b) in case of saber and the sword (the saber entire upper body is the target, including the arms and the sword the whole body) arm is kept behind the waist, because the balance is not as important as protecting the target area.

There are three basic ways to defend against an attack:
• Parade, or removal of the attack by using the blade.
• Moving or staying away from the path of the blade.
• counterattack, or attack your opponent during the shot before he / she is to score. Paradise is the most basic but most important to master.

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