Basketball is a sport of finesse but also one of contact, the skills you need to dribble, throw the basket, the defense and make the game easier for everyone, namely, bypassing. This will be used with proper technique to not commit any mistake, or to succeed in basketball. Using basic techniques and regular practicing them will be able to play quality basketball. You should not try to do too much on the ground, if do not know yet the basics.

Basketball’s rules

Before taking the ball in the hand you must understand the game. Many times, you may have played with people who had no idea what double dribble, or steps, and you realize that does not make much sense to play with them. So it is absolutely necessary to learn the basics. The ball must remain in the field. If you have the ball in your hand or touch it with any part of the body (usually feet) touching the floor or ground after the line it is “out”. The ball will restore from the edge. Advancing the ball must dribble for not doing steps. Since you do not dribble the ball will be thrown to the basket or pass. It is not allowed to dribble once more, as this would commit the double dribble. I said that basketball is a contact sport, but any contact that prevents a player to do something is called fault. If you play basketball of performance, the number of fouls that you can commit is limited to 5. It is important to know these things while playing basketball because it’s a judged sport thoroughly.

Before you learn to throw the ball, you should know how to dribble. Dribbling is an art. You can dribble through the legs or back after the defender to protect the ball. But, you learned the basic techniques before you apply the advanced. Dribble using your fingers, not palm, because it gives more ball handling. It is vital to dribble even if the defender is in your face until you can give a pass or throw. Stopping dribble defenders to allow them approaching and you probably take the ball. To win a basketball game is important not to be selfish. Often you can not throw and then it’s very good to know how to pass. When you pass must put in a position player who receives passing. The ball must be on or below or above the chest teammates, to be caught. There are situations when you have to decide whether to give a pass with the floor (ground). If the defender is in the way of the player receiving the pass then the best choice is this type of pass to not let you take the ball. A direct pass reaches the receiver, but take care of the situation. Teammate should not be defended.

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