The player with the the bat hitting the ball must succeed correctly, making a hit. A hit is when the ball hit the Batter is not caught by any device before it hits the ground, and, the Batter successfully manages to reach the base 1. When a defender catches the ball before it falls, it is not a hit, and, the Batter is removed.

Baseball’s rules

After I he managed a hit, let, the Batter the bat aside and becomes runner, must reach the next base before the defense bring the ball there. If it fails, is eliminated, otherwise, continue to run to base 2, and so on, up to home plate. If they reach at base 2 and stops there (because there would have 3 chances to reach base the ball before), proceed to the bat the next Batter, and when he he managed a hit and started running towards base one, Batter , the runs from base 2 to base 3, in order to get back to home plate. When a Batter gets to home plate, is called a run, and his team wins a point. While runs forwards to various bases, defenders must bring the ball to base forwards that before.

This game is going to Fielding, each base is “covered” by a defender and the other defenders on the field throw the ball to them, to eliminate the attackers.

When the pitcher throws to the hitter, the ball must pass through an area called (“strike zone”) located above the “house” between knees and chest of the hitter.

The referee house appreciates if the ball passed through the area or not. The hitter may try to hit the ball or he can let go, if it considers that it has not hit the area.

We have the following situations:
1. ball passes through the area, trying not to hit Hitter (“Strike looking”);
2. The ball does not pass through the area, trying not to hit Hitter (“ball”);
3. Hitter is trying to hit and completely miss the contact with the ball (“strike swinging”);
4. hitter is trying to hit, touches the ball, but it goes into the fault territory, behind the edge (“foul”, is considered “strike” except when the hitter already has two “strike” against it is case in which give him a chance, if the ball goes into foul territory and is caught on the fly, hitter is eliminated);
5. Hitter is trying to hit, touches the ball, which goes directly into the glove catcher (“foul type”, is considered strike);
6. Hitter hits a ground ball put into play.
7. If the pitcher throws four balls elsewhere (as “ball”, see above), the first hitter advances (“walk”).

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