Both teams are on the row in that is attacking and defense. A team that is attacking is where it has one of its players to the bat (this is called Batter). By entering the the team run that is attacking, respectively one that has a player at the bat, accumulate points on the game table. Run is done when one of the attacking team players traverse the whole route (consisting of the three bases) and go back to home plate. The opposing team tries to bring out the game ball to the striker it goes before they get there. For example, if a forward runs to the basis 3 and bring the ball to the defense of 3 before he gets there, the striker is out of the game.

Baseball game does not have rounds but innings. An inning consists of two halves, the first half of a team is attacking and one defending. In the second half, the other team goes in the attack. A half inning ends after 3 players of the attacking team are eliminated.

Baseball’s rules

In each inning, the team has a pitcher of defense (defensive player) who throws the ball to the ones with the bat (offensive player) see the picture of the opposing team, until 3 of them are eliminated. A player at the bat is removed after 3 “strikes” a strike (failure) is achieved when the pitcher throws the ball and the Batter, the right fails to hit it right.”Strike” (failure) is shouted when the ball is not hit by the player of the team which plays in attack. If the pitcher does not throw in the correct zone (example: he throw a ball too much to the right of the batter), it creates a “ball” and at four ball the one from the bat is sent to the basis 1.

Team Members
In a plot of only 9 players, the team is defending, the 9 are assigned in a well defined field (not related to the order they come to fight, which is determined by the coach before the start of the match). They are the followings:
1. Pitcher.
2. A “catcher” dressed specific-see picture, located behind the house and charged with catching the ball thrown by the pitcher and throwing choice.
. 3. Four “infielders”: one at first base, one second, slightly the right side, one between the basis second and third, called “Shortstop”, with great defensive tasks, and a man covering third the basis.
4. The remaining 3 players share the playing surface of the square and surrounding land (“the outfield”), are positioned one on the left, one center and one right. All defensive players wear gloves in one hand. When they get on the road, to bases, they do not need for any type of gloves.

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