Baseball is considered by many the American national sport, but the game so beloved by some Americans is very popular in countries like Japan, Cuba, and especially in the Caribbean Sea. The most powerful and popular league in the world is MLB (Major League Baseball), American professional league. A baseball game is spread over nine rounds, called “innings”. An inning consists of two parts: top and bottom.

Baseball’s rules

In the case of a tie, the game lasts until one team is in benefit to end an inning. A baseball team consists of 9 or 10 players plus a pitcher trying to score. Pitcher is defensive player and other players are called “battery” or “hitters” and are offensive profile, trying to score runs. Points which provide the score are called “runs”. The team that has more runs at the end of the match wins. A run is marked when a player manages to make the tour of four bases counterclockwise style. A tour of bases starts at “home plate” and ends also on the “home plate”.

A home run is a run in which a batter located at the striking manages to go through all the bases after hitting the ball, including over home plate and managed to score a run. If other players are in the basic side, then it scores a run. If the bases are full and the batter located to the hitting succeeds a home run, the term used is “grand slam”. Baseball field contains several distinctive elements. The first is “home plate”. Home plate is a pentagon-sized rubber of 17 inches by 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches. Together with the three bases, the home plate makes a rhombus called “diamond”. Also, in the middle of the diamond, there is a small artificial bump, called “pitcher’s mound” where the pitcher throws the ball towards the batter.

There are four bases, they are numbered in counterclockwise direction, first, second and third base are pillows shaped square of 38 cm, which is a short height above the ground;
Together with the fourth, which is a pentagonal rubber slab known as home base or home plate, forming a square with sides of 27.4 m called diamond. The land is divided into two main areas: land inside (infield) contains the four bases, and beyond the two adjacent sides of the “diamond” is located outside the field (outfield). There are two teams of nine players on a field shaped about an arc.

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