American football, known in the U.S. and Canada only in term of football is a team sport that combines strategy with physical play. The objective is to win points by advancing the ball into the opposing team field. American football is a contact sport. Some players are big and strong, while others are small and fast. Brute force is often required, but also intelligence, agility and skill. It can be a very complex game, especially at a professional level, however basic rules can be easily understood regardless of who practice it.

American Football’s Rules

American Football’s rules:
A team of 11 people has possession of the ball. This is called the offense (attack) and try to move the ball along the ground – whether running with it whether passing it – and to score points passing through the score line and going with it in the end zone which is called (the score zone) . The other team (also with 11 players) is called DEFENSE (defense). It tries to stop the offense and make it lose possession of the ball. If the offense fails to score will give possession of the opposing team and the roles are switched (the offensive team will come and attack the defensive team). These changes of possession will occur until the four quarters of the match will end.

The playing

The land is 100 yards long and 53 yards wide (1 yard = 0.9144 meters). White markings on the ground help the players, officials and fans to watch the game as well. Probably the most important area of land is the end zone. This is an added 10 yards on each side (in length) of the field. Here is the zone where the points are made! When the team has possession of the ball in the opposing team’s end zone will score points.

The area of 20 yards and the end zone line are called “redzone”.


American Football games are divided into four quarters, each quarter with the 15 minutes. Quarters are separated by a break of 12 minutes between the 2nd and 3rd quarter. There are also 2-minute breaks at the end of quarters 1 and 3. Teams change direction after every quarter.

At the end of quarter 1 and 3 team has the possession of the ball retains possession in the following quarter. This will not happen also after the break. The second half starts with a shot in the same direction as in the beginning of the first quarter.

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